The Grasshopper Flying Club was incorporated in 1971 located at the Dutchess County Airport (KPOU) in Wappingers FAlls, New York.

The club consists of a group of friendly people who enjoy flying and being associated with other people who have a similar interest. We believe it is important to continually acquire the knowledge, develop the skills, and reaffirm the attitudes required to maintain safe flying proficiency. We feel this is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of our members, passengers and to protect the equipment we jointly own. We stride to keep the cost of flying as low as possible while still maintaining safe equipment and the. financial health of The Club on a long-range basis.

In order to keep membership investments low, we have elected to purchase older, well maintained aircraft. The majority of The Club members are licensed pilots. We feel that The Club has given us an excellent opportunity to continue learning, a satisfying environment for critique of flying skill, an enjoyable social atmosphere, and the opportunity to experience the problems of aircraft ownership.

Our fleet presently consists of 3 aircraft
1974 Cessna 172 - N1713V
1978 Cessna 172 - N4538E
1974 Cessna 172 – N4360R




President: Bill Greenage
VPresident : Mark Dunn
Secretary: Mark Nelson
Treasurer: Kevin Kelley
Maintenance: Ron Cook
Avionics: Jeff Bulson


C172 N4360R Bill Greenage
C172 N4538E Bill Rudloff
C172 N1713V John Murasso